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Tomás Pérez-Quevedo is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, marketing expert, sales team coach, and business strategist. Founder of several companies in different sectors, his activity has always been focused on business development, sales team training, and global company expansion. The emotion that Tomás prints in his speeches and motivational talks start up applause and raises audiences. With two decades in the marketing and sales industry, he has a transversal vision of the business, as well as the motivational psychology that only a successful path can provide.

Only you can take your family forward. Work hard!
If you do not work hard, what will you do? Pray? When I pray, I thank God, I do not ask him to work for me.
Get up and go!

Tomás Perez-Quevedo

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Latest Works

Some photos of the speeches that Tomás gives all over the world.

Leadership Event

Leadership Event

Leadership Event

Leadership Event

Leadership Event

Leadership Event

Service Offers

If your company is expanding, you are looking for motivational support for your sales team or you need a speaker for your corporate event to restore morale to the troops, these are the services that can help you:

Business Consulting

Good growth must be accompanied by good planning.

Product development

Your product can be very good, but you need the right way to market it.


Tomás does not prepare sales agents, he prepares sales soldiers.

BusinessPlan Analysis

Get the analysis of an experienced entrepreneur about your business plan.

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